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Livestock Feeds

  • Compounds

With access to a wide range of feed products from multiple manufacturers, we are able to provide the best value feeds with maximum performance. We are able to offer bespoke compounds with a full range of protein specifications from 14% - 24%.

  • Blends

By sourcing from multiple suppliers, we are able to offer our customers the widest range of custom made and bespoke blends and meals to suit all individual needs and specifications.

  • Straights

We offer competitively priced straights feed ingredients by sourcing from our wide range of domestic and imported suppliers. All raw materials are from ethical producers and sustainably sourced and all tailored for TMRs, parlour feeding and out of Parlour feeding.

  • Milk Powders

Daykin Partnership supplies a high quality range of milk powders including whole milk balances, designed for once-a-day and twice-a-day to optimise young animal nutrition. All are formulated to maximise lifetime performance for dairy and beef calves.

  • Essential Oils

We source top quality essential oil products which help to improve protein feed efficiency and maintain yields. Ruminant greenhouse gas emissions can be significantly reduced while increasing milk production.

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