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At the Heart of Dairy Farming

Headed by Rob Daykin, the Daykin Partnership has over 30 years of experience in livestock, dairy, estate management, product development and supply chain. We work hard to provide up to the minute news and information as well as the latest and most innovative products from across the industry. Working with our international network of partners, we cover every aspect of livestock farming from supply chains, market information and raw material sourcing to budgeting, staff training and ration formulation.

Our extensive network of industry professionals allows us to source exactly the right kind of expertise for our clients and we're able to leverage the best possible purchase prices from a wide range of quality feed products.



Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we only source ethically produced and sustainable products.



Read our latest up-to-the-minute reports and reviews for news and insights into the diary industry from the UK and around the world.


Animal FEED

The Daykin Partnership are experts in animal feed and are able to source the highest quality products for the while leveraging the best prices for our clients.


With our vast industry experience, network of partners, sourcing power and expertise, no one is better placed than Daykin Partnership to meet the challenges ahead and successfully drive your business forward. 

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